LAU - by Laura Verdonk

Black Sheep


utrecht / The Netherlands


hku university of the arts utrecht

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Laura Verdonk (1990) is a young menswear designer based in Holland. After a study graphic design she moved from her hometown in Brabant to Utrecht in 2011 to study Fashion Design and become a menswear designer. In 2015 she graduated at HKU University of the Arts. During her study she started the label LAU – by Laura Verdonk. After graduating with her collection ‘Mi boy’ she presented her first LAU collection ‘Benjamin’ at FASHIONCLASH Festival in 2016. The collection showed an elegant and nonchalant young man. Elegance and nonchalance is what LAU stands for. This summer LAU showed her new collection ‘Alexander’ at FASHIONCLASH Festival. The collection presents Alexander, a young man living his life in a romance.

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