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Larry Jay is a unisex Ghanaian brand of ethical fashion clothes and accessories founded by Larry Jafaru Mohammed.
The brand started as a fashion accessories line in 2012 with a rebirth and introduction of fashion clothes in 2016 and officially debuted its first spring summer collection in 2017.
Larry Jay is a unisex Ghanaian brand that has a unique and timeless personality living in a clean, diverse and progressive world.
We are generally inspired by Nature, Various African Cultures and Arts.

Our designs exude an understated style and emphasizes “tradition and comfort” with details and innovations that echo our West African heritage.

We believe strongly in protecting our environment and improving our value chain.
We do this by sourcing fabrics from our local markets (used as garments / fabric dump by most western countries).
These are repurposed by our Guinean and Burkinabe artisan dwellers in the city who employ vintage hand tye dye techniques and finally transformed into clothing and accessories by our in-house or outsourced craftsmen.
This is a vital role in our up-cycling initiative which helps us reduce waste in our communities and the fashion production cycle at large.

Larry Jay has a strong brand ethos of giving back to society and empowering indigenous artisanal skills by engaging them in  our production processes and paying them above the living wage.Thereby improving their livelihoods and the community.

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