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The Brand: Armure \aʁ.myʁ\ nf. : From French “Armure” arrangement of the threads in a fabric which resembles the interlinked structure of chain mail, a ribbed structure material worn to protect the body in battle.
L'ARMURE is born to push the limit of fabrics, to protect and make its wearer shine. Using Functional properties to enhance every day clothing, Garments are crafted to be Lightweight, Comfortable, Water-resistant with Temperature control properties. To face the always changing weather with style and elegance. To confront every challenges days and nights.

Designer: Alexandre Cailleaux is a French Designer based in Taipei, Taiwan.
He actually started as a Character Designer for the video Game industry after getting his diploma in Video-Game Design at LISAA Paris and Campus UBISOFT Montreal, Canada.
Then moving Back in France, he realized it was time to make physical things, after graduating from ESMOD Paris. he then became Costume Designer for Stages and movies. Finally in 2013, he launched NEXTGEN Fashion inspired by Video-Game in Paris Awarded by ESCP Paris Factory: Creative Industries before moving to Taipei in 2014 to learn more about textiles and production where he is now staying "most of the time", He launched L'ARMURE Brand in 2017.

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