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Envisioned and designed in Tehran,
LANGARDI creates sophisticated,
high-end women’s wear of cross-cultural allure

Founded by Iranian-Canadian designer and Creative Director Kathy Fassihi in 2011 following her studies at Parson’s Paris School of Design, LANGARDI pioneered Manteau* Design for Iranian women, establishing the first professional ready-to-wear production in the country. Kathy’s instinct to provide designs meeting the standards of modesty required in public spaces, whilst being fashionable and elegant proved to be just right. Not only was the brand highly successful, it inspired a line of domestic designers, creating a flourishing industry that vastly improved the ability of Iranian women to express their individual sense of style in everyday life.

Building upon the foundation of its beginnings, LANGARDI is bringing its unique blend of modern European lines and traditional Persian aesthetics to the international market. In order to navigate this development, German-Iranian Lina Yasmin Drexler joined LANGARDI as Managing Director in 2018. Lina holds a masters degree from HEC Paris Business School and spent four years in management consulting. Kathy and Lina met by chance encounter almost a decade ago, when an airline strike stranded them both at Charles-de-Gaulle airport for two days en route to Tehran.

Tehran is a mega-city shaped by rich cultural heritage, a history of abundant global trade, political fluctuations, religious tensions and, in recent years, limitation and isolation. The cities predominantly young, well-educated population yearns for liberties, opportunities and cosmopolitanism, while having a strong cultural identity and appreciation for tradition. As a result, the city presents a unique source of inspiration and has developed a vibrant creative community, which LANGARDI draws from to community, create unique designs that reflect an interplay of tradition and modernity, modesty and boldness, harmony and disruption. We in turn support this community as well as the local economy, offering employment, opportunity and connectivity to the countries talented youth. By showcasing the inspirational value, creative potency, ambitious talent and incredible beauty present in the country, we hope to spread an alternative view of modern-day Iran that enables a different type of international dialogue.

*Manteau, also referred to as Roopush, is the colloquial term for a loose-fitting overcoat, which is worn by Iranian women in public in order to abide by the countrie’s dress code.

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