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london / United Kingdom

Lana Dumitru is a young Romanian fashion designer from Bucharest who has recently finished her research in London and earned her PhD in Arts and Fashion.
You can consider Lana an artist manifesting her beliefs through fashion as you would find Lana’s clothing in an art gallery or in a museum, rather than in a shop. Her original style comes from the fact that she designs all her visuals and patterns, transforming pure white fabrics into strong unique conceptual pieces through the means of digital printing.

Approached by Swarovski the fashion designer Lana Dumitru and the architect Vlad Tenu have teamed up to reimagine the tradition for the next space age. They have digitally re-constructed the folk pattern of a traditional Romanian rug and turned it into a new kind of artefact by using over 25.000 Swarovski crystals.

She has been named the best young Romanian fashion designer of 2015 ( Forbes Award) and she was included by Forbes in Top 30 under 30.

Her work has been showcased at London Fashion Week 2014/International Fashion Showcase, Holon Design Museum , Kalmar Art Museum and Malmö Design Centre Sweden, National Village Museum Bucharest, Cultural Institutes, Art Galleries, Design Weeks and more.

After publishing many awarded poetry books during her childhood and teens, Lana embodied her artistic manifesto in two design creations that took worldwide blogs and newspapers by storm: The Facebook Dress (included by the notorious site in the 2012 Top 20 Trends) and The Etno Dress.

Lana is the first Romanian designer to officially collaborate with Puma in a custom print jacket coined "T7 Etno Shake Puma by Lana" and continues to color her credentials as a previous member of the digital design team for Mary Katrantzou.

With eight distinct collections in her portfolio which have consisted, until now, in "wearable opinions"- as she describes her clothes- Lana has won the jury's appreciation in various design competitions: Puma Creativity Award, Pasarela/Institut Francais de la Mode contest finalist, Elle Decoration- Design of the year nominee- Lana for Photoliu, Young Creative Chevrolet Award-Romania, product design awards, etc
Lana Dumitru is a Romanian fashion designer who creates surreal futuristic clothing. the majority of her work addresses the hyper saturated digital age of information. Things get meta with garments made up of repeated images of her models wearing pieces she designed. Seen elsewhere are giant zippers that are printed and non functional. Her collections combine the stunning and the absurd as a way to revitalize. Lana's models are wearing her influences on their sleeves and helping to push the boundaries of the fashion world.
Romanian Fashion designer Lana Dumitru is using weird and photorealistic prints to create her amazing collection. She creates unique surreal futuristic clothing with references to to Dali and O'Keeffe.

Young Romanian fashion designer Lana Dumitru has been busy experimenting with camouflage, modern technology, and traditional patterns. So far this fusion of ideas is working a treat. Ideas range from a bizarre Facebook Dress, featuring her own profile, to a more wearable line called Romanian Apparel that turns traditional Romanian patterns into pixilated form.

However, Lana's success as an innovative designer is anything but sluggish. Even though she's still a student , she has already become internationally recognized for her collections that fuse camouflage, technology, and old-world traditions together."
Romanian designer Lana grabbed our attention earlier this year with her redesign of Puma's classic T7 jacket. Her latest collection is a real head-turner, inspired by quirky Romanian attraction The Merry Cemetery, where graves are marked with lively, radiant stones.

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