Grey Sheep


palma de mallorca / spain


Escola Superior de Disseny Illes Balears

Graduation year


Laura Negre, Marta Morey and Irene Clavijo, three Majorcan fashion designers opt for handmade fashion and present themselves as an art collective with these early collections.
With the idea of mutual collaboration when presenting and creating new projects, Lamair is born taking into account the situation and context in which it appears. For a few years vintage has been in fashion and old-fashioned is fashion again; Lamair gives a twist to the whole vintage concept, reinterpreting it and showing its vision about fashion. From its position, it opts for recycling and caring for the environment through the craftsmanship of garments, fabrics and patterns which see the light in these collections. This project includes three collections with common denominators: ecological vision of fabrics, craft ways of treating them; reuse of forgotten fabrics and patterns, which are given a new use when recycled. The project stands out by the idea of getting the most out of the clothes, which are forgotten or outdated, and sleep in comfortable old drawers, to be renewed and reappear here as timeless and evolved garments.

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