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Lai is a design-led collaboration with artisan clusters in India, to create contemporary jewelry that blends traditional craftsmanship with a modern aesthetic. We are Delhi and California based.

We offer a fresh, creative and modern take on jewelry with an inherently old soul. Our USP is thematic and carefully researched collections, mostly handcrafted in sterling silver, that draw inspiration from global cultures and aesthetics; as varied as Hellenic, Mid Century Modern, African, Victorian and Indian (South Asian).

we recently ventured into the space of fashion jewelry with a stunning, design-forward collection of lacquered wooden jewelry that celebrates a 200-year-old tradition of making 100% natural, sustainable and organic lacquered wooden objects from branches of a local tree, known for its medicinal properties.

Lai currently sells from some of the leading museums including Getty (LA), Asian Art Museum (SF), Philadelphia Museum of Art + Retailers known for their unique POV like, Nest (SF) and Robin Richman (Chicago).

We subscribe to Fair Trade principles, are a proud member of Nest (, and have been named by Conde' Nast Traveller as one of the three "born in India, based in the US, jewelry brands taking the world by storm"......

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