Lacuna Jewelry

Grey Sheep


tel aviv / israel


shenkar college of engineering and design

Graduation year


Lacuna is a space between elements
A quiet elongation between one musical note to the next
A gap in the text that leaves room for imagination
I see my jewels as unique three-dimensional objects, each containing the shell of an element that once existed… and now in its place, the lacuna - just a memory of what once was.

The unique shapes of my designs were formed as if I removed a “frozen moment” from a step in the design process. Space remains between the material that originally was and the shape that came to be. With your imagination, this space allows a glimpse into the elements that were whisked away and hidden during this intriguing “frozen moment”.

In each collection I use a variety of techniques and technologies, which give expression to the concept of my designs. I meticulously add textures, colors and finishes to the 3d prints and casted jewelry, so that the surface and interior spaces are decorated by the small details.

My name is Yafit Ben Meshulam. I'm a jewelry designer, maker and metal smith working and living in Tel Aviv, Israel. I earned a B.DES degree in jewelry design from the distinguished Shenkar College of engineering and design in Tel Aviv.

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