Black Sheep


taipei / taiwan

LABRIELLS is established by Victoria Kao, a talented designer who debuted her first label FABITORIA in 2012 and created her own fashion brand LABRIELLS in 2017. Victoria’s design is famous for its creative and strong patterns and prints. Every single detail she sees and hears through daily life can become the inspiration to her design. Her talent was quickly spotted throughout the fashion world and got reported by fashion magazines in different countries including ELLE (Singapore, Korea), VOGUE (Italy, China, Taiwan), STYLE.DE (Germany), Fashionista (USA), PRINT REVOLUTION (UK), HARPER BAZAAR (Taiwan)...and favored by celebrities around the world.

LABRIELLS. Exploring the world through the eyes of a lady. Sophisticated and elegant designs bare the beauty of womanhood. The unique aesthetic of the brand blooms brightly with every piece, enticing the hearts of those searching for extraordinary.

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