Grey Sheep


milan / italy

Eclectic persons, determined and willing to work, interested in different things, Andrea Popovic from Bosnia and Herzegovina and Alen Pinku from Serbia. They met each other in Italy, both ready to cope with difficulties of living in a new surrounding- hostile and competitive city. With their strong personality and decisiveness they managed to spread their own life style trough art and design. They did the same course of decoration at Academy of Fine Arts of Brera. Andrea graduated from fashion design while Alen concentrated on his personal artistic-illustrative growth dedicating himself to painting, photography, and styling. Nevertheless, Andrea continued with designing starting her t-shirt label with particular prints characterized by certain colours that contrasting colours. Andrea’s work distinguished by her profound creativity and Alen’s unique style brings them closer in making a project called “2-alenpinku and andreapopovic”. It’s defined by two elements: sophistication and originality. The focus of their collection is basic minimalism, but when it comes to details and small particulars, it’s to underline the attentiveness and dedication to work. The line ‘’2’’ can not be classified within a certain fashion style because it’s rather innovative and it expresses the personality of designers. Favourite of designers is and most used material is neoprene and that's what gives a different touch to their work . This allows them to create a quite sharp look, with defined cuts. The pallette of collection are based mostly on dark and plain colours.

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