La Tache Bobo

Black Sheep


london / United Kingdom


instituto marangoni milan

Graduation year


Breaking taboos of traditional fine jewellery design and accessibility, La Tache Bobo creations are contemporary and fashionable.

Born in Belarus, studies in NY and Milan, Elena has been designing jewellery for many years and launched her own label in 2013. Her desire to push the boundaries of creativity, infectious passion, original vision and unique take on transforming precious raw materials into wearable works of art is reflected in each collection.

In her continuous search for unique gemstones, sourcing at times directly from mines in the most remote places, Elena’s creations are designed to inject high-octane cinematic glamour and elegance into everyday life.

Each collection is unique and timeless. Each tells a story.

Oozing stylish sensuality and elegance La Tache Bobo’s latest collection, Wanderlust, is inspired by Elena's journey through Indochina and handcrafted using finest natural Ruby and black gold.

Latest Collection


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