Grey Sheep



Lamberto Petri, designer of the emerging all Italian fashion brand La Maison du Couturier,
dedicates an exclusive collection to the new store of Dolce & Gabbana Via della Spiga 2, named
Unique garments will be designed and created just for the store in Via della Spiga 2 , Milano.
After an experience working in the fashion industry in London first, then in Italy , in the
manufacturing, for some very important labels , and after got a master at St. Martin's College in
London, he decides to start his collection and put himself in the fashion world with his ideas and
His style can be defined as cosmopolitan, one step ahead and yet focusing on style and
Romanticism; the collection is for an eclectic woman, sociable and funny, who knows how and
when to put herself on the line.
The concept of his style is blending Japanes fashion culture and deconstruction of clothing items
with the Romanticism typical of Italian culture and fashion.
The defining quality is the use of traditional and precious materials such as pure silk, cachemire
and pure along with man-made fibres, such as Rayon and Jersey, in their most varied
The items versatility is what makes Lamberto's style so unmistakable: "a dress can adapt to
different situations yet remaining the same in shape and style".
With Italian fabrics, style and design refinement, this collection holds by Italian tailoring
tradition, with an all Italian production manufacturing only in Italy.

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