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ho chi minh city / vietnam


Ecole nationale supérieure des Arts visuels de 'La Cambre'

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The Jewelry label "La Fiancée du Facteur" was born in Vietnam in 2011. However her designer Pénélope Cadeau is French and has studied Art and Fashion in Belgium and France for 5 years. In 2007, right out of the prestigious Belgian Fashion School La Cambre, she preferred to work for Theater rather than Fashion to let her creativity and imagination run free.
But few years after, during a trip in Asia, she totally fell in love with Vietnam and overnight decided to settle down on the other side of the World. And there, finally, she discovered her true passion: the Jewelry Design.
"La Fiancée du Facteur" is a brand which first aim is to pay tribute to Women, and more particularly to Womanhood throughout the World and History. An Everlasting and Universal Womanhood. That is why, each collection of "La Fiancée du Facteur" is inspired by a famous Woman who had left her mark on her Era, thanks to her Courage, her Intelligence, her Sense of Humor and/or her Beauty. These qualities are dear to the heart of the designer of the brand and represent the four pillars of her world.
Thanks to its elegant and audacious designs, the brand is quickly recognized by fashion magazines (Harper's Bazaar, L'Officiel de la Mode, Citizen K, ELLE, Cosmopolitan, etc.) and fashion blogs (Superbytimai, Le Boulevardier, etc.) around the world. Today "La Fiancée du Facteur" is distributed in Europe, Asia & United States.

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