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gerrit rietveld academy

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The label l'Histoire C'est Moi is owned by Wilhelmina E. Bulhof who started off as a graphic and audio-visual designer, while originally trained and educated as classical dancer. With a huge interest in fashion and fashion design it happened to be that about one and half year ago she came up with the concept of designing scarfs on commision scarfs which are designed and made to honour and cherish the wearer's favourite people and special memories. All 'to Keep your loved Ones close!'

Scarves are all unique and made in close cooperation with the customers.
Only high end materials are used such as Satin Silk and Light Wool.
All hems are handrolled. (which she does herself)
In general it takes about six full weeks to produce one scarf.
Every scarf comes with a little booklet and in a small leather bag.

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