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Kyra Feng (Jingyi) is a Chinese-born, New York based fashion designer. She designs both womenswear and menswear. Kyra studied BFA Fashion Design in Pratt Institute, New York. Her background of living in three different countries—the U.S., Canada, and China— during childhood helped to shape her work. Had been a victim of school bullying, Kyra’s inspiration is majorly driven by social concerns or issues. She’s willing to use fashion as media to convey a louder message and to push a better future. Kyra Feng’s designs is defined by conceptual constructions, while yet keeping the garments wearable. She has her own way of inserting conceptual elements to the structure of her designs. She achieves silhouettes by embedding experimental actions into draping process. Kyra’s designs show a combination of ready-to-wear grounded in a conceptual fashion.

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