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Magdalena Kubalańca was born in Żywiec, Poland. In 2008, she graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts, the Department of Fabric and Cloths in Łódź with honors.

In 2013 Magda created the brand, signed with her name, which rules are simple:

“While designing I am thinking of You – The woman: a little girl, a tomboy, a mother, a seductress, a fighter…exceptional, demanding, creative. The woman I have in mind looks for freedom instinctively, united with the world, she is driven by intuition selecting gentleness, quality and minimalism for herself.

Working with the form, raw material and the colour as well, I try to do my best to create functional products; the ones of high quality, advantegous in everyday life, triggering both happiness of the clients and pleasure of usage. We establish the area of naturalness, developed in simplicity and classical picture.”

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