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central saint martin's & London College of fashion

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KT Brown is great-looking fashion with a great back-story. Far from mass-market but compelling to the few who have some intellect and gumption as well as style. The roots of KT Brown dig deep into the loam of South Asian art and philosophy; the branches inhabit the atmosphere of contemporary life and fashion.
The trunk of this tree is solid technique and craftsmanship that honours each piece of clothing as an artist values his art. Every dress is made from a single piece of fabric and is designed to make the most of the properties of that fabric: its fall, its weight, its suppleness. The focus, hence, is on cut and drape. The results are quietly but unabashedly sensual: customers have told KT they don’t want to wear anything under her clothes, they just feel so good on their bodies.
Vibrant, engaged, politically aware, proudly multicultural and committed to the propagation of beauty and desire: that’s KT Brown.

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