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KSRT studio (pronounced: KaSsaRt studio) is a French brand of “prêt-à-porter” and unconventional feminine luxury accessories founded by Alexandre Nicaud Cassart.
Research in our workshops focuses on sharing values between tradition and modernization, creating a cloakroom with hybrid materials that gives each piece a particular volume, feel and look.
Fashion standardization is now predominant. High fashion, symbol of French know-how is today out of touch with with the times, in terms of portability as well as financially. Nevertheless, it is still seducing and inspiring women today.
Ksrt studio offers fashion pieces in response to this expectation, being able to wear unique but functional pieces, durable and wearable every day. Our materials from various worlds such as sportswear, haute couture, industry ... are reworked by hand using techniques exclusive to our brand from several years of development, embellishment, assemblies and constructions.
This hybridization promises our customers to acquire a singular and inimitable style.

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