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Koprivnica / croatia


University of Textile Technology

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Authentic | Conscious | Design | Artisanal Accessories with ATTITUDE | designer - Melina Marelja |

Croatian design studio designing unique, handmade and sustainable products with the purpose of creating a product with cultural and emotional connection. Having that in mind our design philosophy is a slow fashion production, taking the time and effort to ensure quality, design awareness and conscious manufacturing. It is about exploring new forms with innovative, biocyled and performative materials through multifunctionality which transforms and adjust our product to your everday needs.
We are inspired by texture, movement and various shapes that can be transformed and used in everyday life. Accessories that can last more than one season unburdened by time. Our creative process always strives to develop innovative products that promote a sustainable, responsible and conscious way of life. Exploring contours and bringing them to life is where our interest lies

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