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london college of fashion

I was raised in Hackney, and I’m still living in and loving the area. After leaving school I was lucky enough to be able to turn my budding love of clothing and style into an area of professional study. The course at The London College of Fashion provoked and encouraged my thirst to explore and research both my influences and my instinct. I went on to achieve a 2:1 in Fashion Design Menswear,

The inspiration for my collections usually tends to be of the roots-up variety, rather than the top down. I am more likely to feel the tingle of creative excitement watching the street, rather than the catwalk. I love to tease out and identify the unspoken trends which pepper London’s pavements, considering how they might be fused, twisted or magnified to create something new. It amazes me when I see someone put an outfit together fantastically without realizing how major they look. For me as a designer, this is the best inspiration: pure nonchalance!

My most recent creation was inspired by the 80s, the decade in which I was born and thus it is in a sense my own personal bench mark. It was a period of eclectic madness which against all odds spawned both a sexual and a social revolution. Whether I am looking at the power dressing icons or the crude pornography I always find some fresh perspective.

The idea of using different fabrics such as chiffon, organza, and silks to create an unusual design in men’s clothing interests me.

Since graduating I have worked for several prestigious fashion houses, including Alexander McQueen, Preen, Deryck Walker and Iaonnis Dimitrousis. Now I am working on my personal project as well as freelancing for various artists.

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