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cairo / egypt

Kojak is a fashion brand that blurs the line between haute couture and ready-to-wear through creating costume drama pieces. Kojak is not just a fashion brand, it relies on storytelling to send a message. The stories primarily rely on personal experiences and scenarios that are meant to push the norms and to have people question what they see.
Mohanad Kojak, the designer behind his namesake label, looks at his label as a means of education: educating the public on the fact that there are different thoughts and opinions. The designer, however, never imposes this educational side of the brand. It is always done in a silent and subtle way, through adding a certain detail whether through an accessory, a fabric or a
​ ​cut. The story is expressed through both the collection and the shoot concepts, which are based on his personal experiences and observations through life. And this is what inspires the designer​.
​“It’s like highlighting unordinary experiences. In a way, it’s seeing beauty in the ugliness,” Kojak said.
On the other hand, Kojak is also considered an experimental brand, with the designer relying sometimes on unusual fabrics, like upholstery fabrics and tassels to create his pieces.
Kojak participated in the first season of Project Runway Middle East, where he got closer to pinpointing his design aesthetic and diving more into his brand’s design identity. Throughout​ this​ journey, he also had more time to refine his skill as a designer and storyteller

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