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A passion for fashion is slowly but surely growing. Starting out as little kids who loved to dress up paper cut out dolls in pretty little dresses, we loved clothes.... tailoring our own designs from as long as we could remember and getting into more serious fashion study at a time where fashion design was considered nothing elaborate in Sri Lanka was definitely a journey for us. Rusla studied design in 2002, whereas Najila studied design in 2004 at the Lanka institute of fashion technology currently affiliated to the university of north Hampton UK. After winning awards for competitions like designer of the year & best design for 7 star hotel resorts and working for big manufacturing companies that cater to CK, M&S Victoria’s secret, Lasenza , the two designers got together and opened their own label named KO CA. they have been designing collections since 2009. In 2012 they showcased their collection at the Colombo fashion week in sri lanka.
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