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berlin / germany


Poznań university of Technology

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Klekko is a clothing brand combining avant-garde with unrestricted sporty style, focussing on a strong and firm silhouette.

The founders behind Klekko are two architecture graduates, Julia Łoś and Joanna Krawczyk, building a distinctive brand style based on geometry, black and texture.
“We connect fearless improvisation with mathematic accuracy. Using only one color requires concentration on the textures, proportion and form.” - they explain.

The collections are developed drawing from the designers’ emotions and stories which are translated into lines. These, although constantly subjected to transformations, are always present, creating their own meanings and narratives.

The assortment includes Klekko’s signature capes, t-shirts, sweatshirts and trousers accompanied by matching accessories. They are all made of european fabrics and manufactured in Poland.