Klara Bila Jewellery

Grey Sheep


prague / czech republic


charles university in prague

Graduation year


The production and design of jewelery made of precious metals has been in the hands of Klára Bílá since 2013. Love for jewels has met her long after studying at Charles University. She has a Masters degree in Culturology. She did not graduate from the goldsmith's or any specialized arts school. She learned all the techniques myself. Klara's creative activities have been devoted to childhood painting and dry pastels. But in the aftermath of a severe brain tumor she finally realized her journey was going to be a jeweler's way, and precious metals would be her second love. The first is her two sons she is raising. Therefore, the work of advertising was exchanged for jewelery. All the graphic work Klara is creating, her own, limited family budget has forced her to learn with Photoshop. For example, you can check your logon to see if the graphics have succeeded. Her inspiration is the crucial event in her life and the beauty of nature. Jewelry is a Clone of Passion. So, as some are obsessed with the devil, she is obsessed with the magic of jewels! In her offer you will find rings, bracelets, earrings, rings, necklaces, and Klara has recently cast on the creation of ladies cufflinks. To collaborate, Klara invited her home gallery Novesta. Soon you can look forward to models designed by Klara and tailored to its cufflinks. You can also have all the jewels that Klara has to offer in gold. We will send the prize on request.