White Sheep



“The foundation of my work is the search for beauty with the pleasure of proportion and visual taste. I consider myself an artisan, because what I have created in my mind is born from and takes shape in my hands.”

KLAMIR creativity is very similar to my native city, Venice. I started from there, self-tought, producing glass jewellery. This experience was the star of my style. The idea of creating my own style of jewellery took shape and became reality. My idea is to create something symbolic of my land, MURANO GLASS, with new materials and to introduce a new line with strong visual effect.
A KLAMIR jewel is created from a design, an impression, a sensation. For every creation there is a different evolution for the shape and the colour. In the CONTEMPORARY COLLECTION the glass beads are criss-crossed with coloured PVC strings. Which enhance the structure of the object. It's a game of light and shade, colour, light and dark: it increases the value of the accessory and creates exclusive models. The union between inspiration and fantasy takes shape in high class jewels.