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KITAYAMA is a handcrafted designer leather goods brand founded by Mao and Juno in October 2014 in Beijing.

The characters ‘北山’ have two meanings with two different pronunciations in Chinese and Japanese languages: ‘北山’ pronounced as ‘beishan’ in Chinese is the name of a beautiful street in Hangzhou China. At dusk watching the sun slowly disappearing under the horizon, this quiet street brings tranquility and happiness. ‘Kitayama’ is the Japanese pronunciation of ‘北山’. Inspired by Japanese craftsmanship and learning from Japanese leathercraft techniques, Mao and Juno named the studio ‘KITAYAMA'.

Time passing is a frightening thing. Grew up, worked and moved among the hustle and bustle of different cities, calm and peaceful moments in Beishan Street became a luxury.

Handcrafting leather goods requires love, care, and patience. In this hasty era when time becomes a luxury, KITAYAMA dedicates to creating the unique design with quality and delicacy. KITAYAMA wishes to bring the joy and exquisiteness to its customers.

KITAYAMA designers work with highly experienced craftsmen and utilize premium-quality leather and accessories to handcraft designer leather goods. KITAYAMA design emphasizes the beauty of simple form and clean line. In pursuit of functionality, Kitayama bags marry comfort and look, fashion and tradition, uniqueness and versatility. Persistent but abstinent, principled but unsophisticated, superior but interesting: KITAYAMA endows each bag with a personality reflecting, KITAYAMA expects, that of its owner.

Every KITAYAMA bag has to be approved by its designers and artisans, only when the work is satisfactory, can KITAYAMA present it to the customers. Day by day KITAYAMA is devoted to perfecting its design and craftsmanship. KITAYAMA does not follow the fashion trend: each KITAYAMA collection has been created based on the strong design concept. Minimalist and elegant, KITAYAMA creates the unique bag for the unique temperament.

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