Kira Goodey

Black Sheep


london / United Kingdom


royal college of art

Graduation year


Born in Perth, Western Australia, Kira Goodey initially worked as a costume maker and fashion designer, before moving to London to work as a print designer for Alexander McQueen. Goodey then embarked on a shoemaking apprenticeship with London based bespoke shoemakers Paul Thomas and Iliaz Iliazi.

Goodey’s practice is rooted in traditional craftsmanship, where focus is placed on quality, precision and individual artistic expression; no two pairs of shoes are ever the same. Experimentation with both orthodox and innovative materials informs the design process which embraces both traditional techniques and modern technologies. Grounded in her traditional training, Goodey's shoes are all completely functional. However, Goodey enjoys pushing wearable footwear to its creative limits with her highly sculptural work.

The designs are underpinned by a fascination with the interplay between dark and light, good and evil, virtue and vice. This dichotomy is evident in the bold use of colour palette and fetishistic symbolism. The shoes embody a form of combative sexuality that is alluring, intimidating and often humorous. This is achieved by a combination of factors, such as the overall height, subverting gender along with nods to body armour, predators, bondage and visual puns.

Goodey's shoes have been shot by renowned photographers such as Steven Klein and Hype Williams and worn by celebrities including Lady Gaga, Britney Spears, Tinashe, Erykah Bardu, Kylie Jenner, Jhene Aiko, Taylor Hill and Brooke Candy. Her shoes have been exhibited in Tokyo, London, New York, LA and Milan and she has also collaborated with Adidas, luxury accessories label Le Snob and Australian demi-couture designer Jaime Lee. Goodey recently completed a Master’s degree in footwear at the prestigious Royal College of Art in London and now hand crafts her sculptural creations from a studio in North London.

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