Grey Sheep



zürich / switzerland

Caught in-between homesickness and a longing for distant shores, Josie and Jessica Fernando founded KINSFOLK to unite their homelands of Switzerland and Sri Lanka. With strong bonds to both cultures, the sisters express them in ever-growing collections of jewellery and scarfs. These are created in partnership with craftsmen from small manufacturers and cottage industries in Sri Lanka and other parts of the Indian subcontinent. They compliment the sister's design with traditional techniques and materials of the highest quality.
Each piece of the KINSFOLK collection is handmade using components such as semi-precious stones, gold and silver, cashmere, silk and leather. For both jewellery and scarfs the materials are carefully selected, rather for their natural and individual beauty than for clarity or perceived value.
KINSFOLK not only forms an alliance between Josie and Jessica’s two homelands but also between the sisters themselves. It allows them to share a path and gives them the freedom to keep going back home – whichever one it is.

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