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Kingpin Alice is a luxury and bespoke fashion & skateboarding brand by emerging Leeds-born fashion designer Alice Johnson.
Alice moved to London to study fashion design at the University of Westminster, where she completed internships for Roberta Einer in London and Karl Lagerfeld in Amsterdam, before moving to Paris to work as a Leather Goods Design Assistant at Louis Vuitton.

Alice’s work combines skate wear and skateboard culture with that of a Playboy bunny at a 1980s prom. The hyper-feminine colour palette and fabric choices paired with sportswear shapes, cuts and details create a new genre of couture skateboarding and street clothing.
Alice creates her own embroidery designs for each piece which are executed professionally and are then further worked into with hand-embroidery and beading to lift the designs and add that Prom Queen glamour.

Kingpin Alice pieces have been featured in Coeval Magazine & ASBO magazine.

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