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Dress up with kiki’s crafted.
a brand — new, young, elegant, eco-responsible, craftsperson produced, ethically manufactured, indisputable quality, designer couture for women.

It originates from India to offer a wide choice of Indo-western dresses in a contemporary and a traditional symbiotic hybrid; set forth to possess an individual DNA but always relate to that of the values of kiki’s. The values of kiki's heavily rely upon how it feels, — it's comfort; fabrics 100% natural that helps to breathe. This happens when the creative director is a textile designer and a priority falls upon — zero compromise on fabrics, weaves, raw material, — high fashion without punishing oneself. A conceived idea that can be adorned as her second skin. It is a designer brand of Gokultexprint Pvt. ltd., one of the pioneers of natural fabric manufacturers of the country. It boasts monopoly over many handpicked fabrics; the cost factor is handsomely regulated due to in-house production and cutting down on the middlemen. This pulls down the selling cost making it affordable with the unbelievable price for consumers.

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