Kia Ora Design

Grey Sheep


istanbul / turkey


drexel university

Graduation year


Ceylan Toplamaoglu:
Upon completing her Masters in Istituto Marangoni, Ceylan worked with brand consultancy companies. Ceylan worked actively throughout all the design and manufacturing processes of the bag and shoe brands. Ceylan gained experience in the Marketing and Public Relations department and in 2014, she and her friend, Melis, who has the same passion and love of accessories, established Kia Ora Design.
Melis Erdogan:
Carrying out her education in the United States at Drexel University, Melis graduated with a degree in International Business Management & Economics. Having worked at leading magazines and PR companies, Melis gained a lot of experience and decided to continue her career in International Marketing. Melis always dreamed of creating a Turkish brand that would one day be recognized internationally, so she established Kia Ora Design. Her years of experience in international management and obsession with accessories can be seen in the development of the brand.

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