Kelsey Tyson

Grey Sheep


belfast / United Kingdom


university of ulster, belfast

Graduation year


Having graduated from Belfast School of Art, at Ulster University in 2013, where she specialised in printed & woven textile design.
Kelsey Tyson has now set up her own freelance textiles and accessories business Kelsey Tyson Designs.

Kelsey is inspired and influenced by historical eras of individual time that took pride and adoration in enduring values, mixing the past with the present to embrace Inspirations from the 18th and 19th centuries. Hallmarks of these periods are characterized by a wealth of historical art and exquisite craftsmanship. She is passionate about texture and colours, spending a great deal of time regularly using mix media such as photography and hand-drawings to express her style in a highly personal body of work. The freelance designer prints and hand dyes all her own pieces, ensuring her customers get a product that is truly unique.

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