Katie Willan

Grey Sheep


london / United Kingdom


kingston university

Graduation year


Katie Willan, graduating in 2018, was a student on the BA Fashion course at Kingston University. Trained in womenswear, she specialises in Feminine Tailoring, Special Occasionwear and Lingerie.
Her design work is about bringing back certainty and celebrating sexuality, femininity and the powerful female form. Inspired by Iconic women such as Brigitte Bardot and Kate Moss, her collections combine silhouette, detail and styling that is both traditional and breaking boundaries. She wants women to feel powerful and sexy, for themselves.
Seeking to create and leave behind beauty, her collections are designed with consideration to their ethical and sustainable impact; valuing quality over quantity, garments that last both in style and time, and cruelty-free designs. Her collections are free from fur, leather, silk, feathers and wool.

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