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The KaterynaRepa brand is based on a mix of grunge and classics. In our clothes, you can freely spend the whole day at work or at school, and in the evening go to a meeting with friends, a date or any social event, while feeling harmonious and comfortable.

All accessories and clothing of the brand are made by hand. Particular attention is paid to the quality of the product: painstaking production process and materials.

We release one collection per year. We do not use animal skin and fur. Waste-free production.

Another of Katerina Repa directions is “art”, which she appropriately embodies in some models of clothes and accessories.

KaterynaRepa were represented in such magazines and online publications as “Ellements”, “Airport”, “FWD”, “UF”, “JetSetter”, “LookVine”, “Exclamation”, participated in the advertising company MAYBELLINE Ukraine, in Project Shooting “Top Model in Ukrainian 3” and filming for “Corner Concept Boutique” with the participation of Antonio Biaggi.

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