Katarzyna Romanska

Grey Sheep


warsaw / poland


the strzeminski academy of fine arts in lodz, poland

Graduation year


I express my need in finding things. In my job as a Fashion Designer, it also applies to the importance of choosing certain clothing for certain places. This term came from searching, rambling through one’s identity and observation. I can direct the recipient to the conclusion, that the term doesn’t only apply to material things, but also to searching for an answer, medicine or the way to fill the emptiness in people, emotions, memories, places and objects that have passed for many reasons or faded through the passage of time.
Technically, I could have find “places” for “objects” - clean up, put everything in order. Sometimes however, I let the open wounds heal throughout time, waiting for the questions to find their answers.
The title is valid for both solid and transitory moments in life as well as personal sensitivity. It symbolically represents my perception of people, things, surroundings, personal space and relations. The true inspirations I take from emotions, memories, life quotes and uncontrollable need to grasp certain moments - both beautiful and ugly ones, that all translate into the language of fashion. Through those action, fashion can question and challange our memories, archetypes, fears, doubts and desires.

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