Katarina Zlajic

Black Sheep



cetinje / montenegro


faculty of fine arts of the montenegro university of arts

Graduation year


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Katarina Zlajic based in Montenegro. Her work is based primarily on sculpture, considering that this was her major. Shaping and interweaving of zippers into a pre-defined form – a form of a sculptural shape with a distinct contoured texture which requests time to get the exquisitely unusual color. She has developed her work as an art, with special attention to careful creation of every piece of art using carefully chosen material and keeping a high-quality during the whole creation process. Every piece is unique for having a goal to, as a sculptural form, get out of the galleries and into the streets serving as a wearable artwork. Thus, it's purpose is to represent art on the streets. Every piece is there to enable art to look for its audience instead making the audience look for art. The work is based primarily on eliminating the traditional values of the art.