Black Sheep


kiev / ukraine


Kyiv National University of Technologies and Desing

KASS is a conceptual menswear brand founded in 2013 by designer Bogdan Kass.
Brand aesthetic is based on the combination of unique texture and shape of products with their versatility. KASS products are instantly recognizable thanks to the author’s signature designs.
The ideology of KASS erases every limit and a cultivates an awareness of one’s inner thirst. All KASS clothing is made from high quality materials. The brand’s framework is based on a conscious attitude to the outside world, which indicates the rational use of resources in production.
The collections defy standards and trends. Focused on his own vision, the designer experiments and creates in a new way.
Since its foundation, KASS has participated in more than 16 shows, 9 of which were in the main fashion week of the country - Ukrainian Fashion Week.