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esmod dubai

Graduation year


Award winning Fashion Designer from ESMOD Dubai, specializing in Luxury - RTW / Freelance Textile Designer & Pattern Drafter.

Graduated from ESMOD Dubai - 2012, with a double degree in Fashion Design and Pattern Drafting. "KD" uses a mixture of flat cutting and moulage to create new shapes, volumes and silhouettes. Nature, Culture or Organic geometry being prime influence to inspire and design a concept.

"KD" also expresses a beautiful mix of drapes and conceptualism and entertains asymmetrical designs and variations. The collections boast intricacy and precise details upon each piece. Also, Comfort and ' A Clean Finish' are most essential to the brand.

Incorporating Fabric, Pattern and/or Textile manipulations, creating effects and textures are key to the brand to influence a fresh look and notable details.

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