Karin Meier

Grey Sheep



Würenlingen / switzerland


University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland FHNW | Academy of Art and Design Basel Institute Fashion-Design

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It is extremly important to me in my collections, that the wearer is entirely in control. She is strong, independent and rebellious. She does not want to satisfy a patriarchal mainstream sexiness, but generates a new, unique sensuality, which represents her as powerful and fearless.
Japanese cuts and philosophies inspire me and my collections since I started my fashion education. I always draft my collections in an exchange with the immediate skin and the symbiosis between body and fashion. This aspects also brought me to the "selfmade-made-to-measure". Furthermore I also create my own motifs and prints that serve as a communicative symbol/sign.



August 2013 | March 2017
Bachelor of Arts FHNW in Product and Industrial Design with Specialisation in Fashion Design at FHNW University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland, Academy of Art and Design, Institute of Fashion Design in Basel

August 2012 | August 2013
Professional Matura Degree at Vocational College Aarau, Switzerland

August 2009 | August 2012
Federal Vet Retail Business Expert Diploma at Business School KV Aarau, Switzerland
With practical work experience at Bridal Shop Priska in Aarau, Switzerland

August 2008 | August 2009
Preparatory Course at Academy for Design Aarau

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