Karin Feller

Black Sheep


são paulo / brazil


santa marcelina

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By the year which she graduated at Santa Marcelina´s Fashion College, Karin Feller won the first edition of Ponto zero Project. Therefore, she started being part of the “House of creators” line up, and to participate on great events, like fashion shows in Portugal and Colombia, exposition in a fair in Las Vegas, events in London, in “Who´s next” fair in Paris and “Indigo” fair in New York. Besides that, she presents her collection on the greatest fairs in Brazil. Karin has a huge work with illustration, and she uses that in her prints and in the freshness of her clothes. It´s meant to dress an independent woman who cares for fashion, Karin Feller´s label is among the labels that grows the most in Brazil by now. The fashion stylist is getting her space in the fashion market in Brazil and abroad with her way to do feminine clothes, and the news won´t stop!

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