Grey Sheep


berlin / germany


royal academy of fine arts antwerp

Graduation year


"The intention of the label is to show new directions in Street- and Denim wear far from the mass-market production, focussed on an individual, single piece. Each Jeans, Coat or Sweater of the collection is made in a tiny production place in Belgium and all washes and treatments done by myself. I don´t like the idea of some brands to offer so called “unique” pieces, produced in amounts of 20k."

Reducing the show elements in some pieces they become very interesting wearable garments. These pieces you may find in the online shop, each with its handsigned Identification Code IC.

Born in Hamburg, Germany, Michael Kampe moved to Berlin and learned at the traditional German tailor "Dominik".
He afterwards enrolled at the Royal Academy Antwerp, where he was nominated with his 2nd-year Collection "Cape Of Good Hope" as a finalist for several awards (e.g. Createurope 2009, Energy&Fashion 2009).
In June 2010, he graduated with honors (BA) and won the prestigious ITS#9 Diesel Award in Trieste as well as being nominated for Hyères 2011, iD Awards New Zealand, WGSN Global Fashion Award and the Baltic Fashion Award.

He started his career at DIESEL, where he worked for one year as a Menswear Designer and is now working as Creative Manager for Denim at an Amsterdam-based label as well as on his own line, MICHAEL KAMPE.

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