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new york / united states

Kær marries core Danish design principles with Brooklyn-based urbanity and awesomeness. From its headquarters overlooking Prospect Park in Brooklyn, NYC, Kær brings nature's ever-changing beauty to your closet and home.

Born in Brædstrup, Denmark, the granddaughter of a seamstress, Kær's lead designer and founder Marianne Møllmann received her first sewing machine at age 7 from her mother. Under her mother’s aesthetic and technical tutelage, Marianne began to fashion entire wardrobes for her teddy bears, before graduating to sewing clothes, bags, accessories, and home decor items for herself and her family and friends.

Most weekends of Marianne’s childhood were passed in various art galleries and museums throughout Copenhagen. She and her brother were encouraged to not simply look at but to engage with a variety of artwork and art forms. Through these outings, Marianne’s mother passed on a fervent belief that reverence for beauty in all its manifestations, and commitment to quality in action and material, are paramount to a meaningful life.

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