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Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts

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NAP, Mysia 3, Warsaw / KYOSK, Koszykowa 1, Warsaw / Jolli Boutique Powstańców Śląskich 95, Wroclaw / No Wódka Pappelallee 10 Berlin / House of Naive Didžioji g. 38 Vilnius

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kaaskas.com / shwrm.pl

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KAASKAS is a Warsaw-based clothing and accessories brand established in 2014 by two sisters - fashion designer Kasia Skorzynska and sociologist Julia Skorzynska-Slusarek. KAASKAS represents a multidisciplinary approach to fashion design. It is open to artistic experiment, constantly exploring new paths and forms of expression. Coming from different fields, both sisters believe that the cooperative actions are the best way to achieve artistic, cultural and social change.
KAASKAS‘s most characteristic features include vivid, in-house designed prints, unobvious color combinations and geometrical forms. The unique, edgy looks capture the essence of a modern lifestyle and convey KAASKAS’s values: creativity, freedom, variety and dynamism.
KAASKAS works with local suppliers and manufacturers. The whole production is based in Poland and Italy.