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Michael Shin is a menswear fashion designer and founder of the brand K2JULY. Having been born and raised in Australia whilst of Korean descent, Michael’s cultural identity was a complex personal obstacle which now inspires his unique and global vision. K2JULY is a contraction of From Korea to July, referring to Michael’s raison d’etre to bring his Korean background and aesthetic styling to any location. His brand DNA and design language focuses on conceptual and practical tailoring, seeking harmony between his evocative and animated worldview by pushing the boundaries of tailoring disciplines. Michael began his fashion design studies at the age of nineteen. He received his Advanced Diploma in 2019 and went on to receive a Bachelor of Fashion Design in 2022. Whilst studying he has achieved several outstanding awards from competitions around Australia such as:

• World Skills Design, Patternmaking and sewing competition
(National) 1st place 2021
• World Skills Design, Patternmaking and Sewing competition
(Regional) 1st place 2019
•Recipient of Bunka Gakuen University travel scholarship 2019
• Open Class design and make competition 1st place 2019
• Open Class design and make competition state finals 1st place 2019
• Open formal wear 1st place 2019

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