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Grey Sheep


riga / latvia


Metallo Nobile

Graduation year


K RYN Jewellery is a handmade jewellery brand launched in August 2015, designed and handcrafted by Karina Kocejeva in Riga, Latvia.

Jewellery is totally inspired by the infinite beauty of nature with all its blemishes and imperfections. Every piece represents 'NO STANDARTS' for beauty, as a true beauty is a synergy of beauty and ugliness both of peoples minds and nature.

The concept of KRYN jewellery focuses on the perfect world due to its’ imperfections. Inspired by nature with its’ ability to reflect and generate beauty and ugliness at the same time, KRYN jewellery emphasizes on how the world’s blemishes allow people to think, to broaden out their imagination, to create their own beauty, basing on their perceptions, interpretations, emotions and actions.

“I believe there is no standard for beauty, as a true beauty is a synergy of ugliness and beauty both of people’s minds and nature.”

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