Grey Sheep


london / United Kingdom



Graduation year



My new collection is called Tribes. It's influenced by worldly Tribes but also in a strong contrast influenced by my own tribe. The specific theme being culture. Looking at different peoples lives, traditions and what influences them. I'm looking at African, Asian and South American Tribes, at the colours, patterns and overall silhouette of the clothes. Within my own tribe I'm looking at how people live in the UK especially the love of sport such as boxing and football and food like the English breakfast and cups of tea.I was brought up in a Catholic environment in schools while surrounded by subcultures such as the British Chav which I like to use as character inspiration within my work.

The collection is mostly knitwear based, however this year will be the first time l will be introducing other elements such as fabrics traditionally found in sportswear. I have also been designing a small capsule print collection which will work alongside the knit as I wanted to bring my illustrations into the clothing designs.

I believe in this collection you can see how my work has evolved. It still shows a strong influence of my style and personal taste however it has become more complex in material and silhouette. The overall patterns are much more complicated and like in sportswear the importance of the details is more brought out such as seams and knitted patterns.

My colours as very specific in this this collection. I will be only using primary colours, black and white, and gold and silver. I found from my research that in both groups of worldly tribes and in clothing worn on average by the British lad going to the pub after a football game that these colours are very common. The primary colours come up in ceremonial body paint but also in flags and football shirts. The gold and silver come from what most cultures see as value and precious but also can be an excessive accessory when men have the peacocking complex.

As I like to work with transforming outfits some will consist of contrasting layers that flip between both types of culture that I have researched. The colours will transform into bright neon red, yellow and blue and they will all be UV reactive and create a new perspective under UV lights.

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