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We are just4fun, a creative studio based in Barcelona with a great new project; limited edition printed leggings, catsuits, dresses & now our new kid’s line!

Limited editions

Our team works worldwide: Barcelona, Paris, NY, Tokyo… looking for very special prints in all the corners of the world; we select our fabrics one by one, and we update our designs regularly regardless of fashion seasons.

Because we don’t believe in big productions, our collections are very exclusive, limited to only 1 up to 8 units per design.

Social Care Manufacturing

The Soul of the project, with this idea, we want to emphasize our principles. As a socially conscious company, just4fun adopted Social Care Manufacturing concepts putting them into practice in our production system. All our pieces are 100% produced in Barcelona. But most important, they are made with special care and dedication in collaboration with Charity Organisations & Local Workshops:

ARED a Female prisoners Reinsertion association makes our Bandanas & Bags

Serigrafies Icaria helps handicapped people to have a job and a common live. They make just4fun merch serigraphic prints.

Isabel’s family runed Workshop makes our just4fun leggings, catsuits and tube dresses, one by one with experience hands and taking care of every little detail.

The Team

Susana born in Seipäjarvi Finland 1978, professional skater from the early age of 5, would become the youngest elite sportswoman in history. In 1992 she takes a break in her sports career and decides to go to the North Pole for spiritual retirement. She writes her biography “Teenager amongst Eskimos”, worldwide best-seller and beginning of her writing career.

Carlota born in Conchinchina Vietnam 1978, daughter of an anglo-afro-indian-hispanic mother and italo-french-japanese father, is a celebrated cello virtuoso in the Italian Classical Music School of Boccherini and a worldwide acclaimed performer from the age of 9. After her first stay in Italy and fascinated by pasta she opens her famous five stars Michelin restaurant Macaronissimo.

On a research trip for her new novel in Tibet, Susana met Carlota who was there for the opening of a new Macaronissimo restaurant.

It is during their climbing of the Everest b-side preparing their next Eurovision song ”mono que te quiero legging” (catsuit meow your legging) that they decide to create just4fun; Limited edition printed Bodywear.

From this point the team has grown along with great professionals in different fields such as Marketing & Communication, scuba diving, PR & okonomiyake chefs…!

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We sell and ship worldwide!

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