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Since I decided to become a shoe designer, I've wanted to represent the emotional dynamics of Seoulites. Seoul can be an exotic and very charming place to live, and it's becoming a centre of attention. I'm part of the generation living through our city's entry onto the global stage, and we're going through a big transition.
As I've experienced myself, younger Seoulites are discovering there are many different lifestyles, and we're learning to respect that diversity. That gives us an objective approach to our own society. At the same time, the young generation is struggling to survive, with a lot of competition for jobs and no social security. So to inspire my designs, I found many different emotions in our society. First, I focused on the anger, sadness, and self-protection – I embrace those emotions that people call 'negative'. I want to accept that those feelings are real and face them. Then, as we learn to express them, I believe we can have hope; we can develop and define our own self-image, rather than having it be defined for us. I've been inspired by some cool people who are willing to accept other cultures, social issues and make their own lifestyles and paths.
I am one of the results of this social change. For my first collection, I want show that our emotions are beautiful, no matter whether they're good or bad. Juliet Robot's colorful palette and stong, volumious silhouettes protects and expresses our emotions. Our brand logo is a robot mask, with no expression, but inside it's full of emotion, like the colours I use. I want to create a restful space for creative people to be themselves.

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