Julia Kaldy

Black Sheep


budapest / hungary


mome, university of fine arts hungary

Graduation year


In 2010, Julia spent a semester in Copenhagen in the DKDS. Julia graduated in MOME (Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design) 2011 - my thesis collection called Unibody. Julia is an accessories designer based in Budapest, Hungary. She has been studying clothes and accessories design for ten years now but these days shoe design is taking up the most major part of her life. She graduated with an MA from the Hungarian Design University (MOME)’s Fashion Department and her thesis project was awarded the Chancellor’s Distinguished Design Award. She also studied in Copenhagen, at the Danish Design School (DKDS). The experiences that she gained there have been an imprortant influence on her designs. Currently, she is enrolled in the DLA (Doctor of Liberal Arts) program at the Hungarian Design University (MOME). Her goal is to create something long-lasting with her designs. The collections emphasize minimalism, which gives a timeless character to her works. Her collections are all produced in Hungary and they are 100% hand-made.

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