Jule Waibel

Grey Sheep



london / United Kingdom


Royal College of art (RCA)

Graduation year


Jule Waibel wants to unfold the universe. She is obsessed with pleated patterns and transforming structures. Jule playfully combines objects, fashion and performance with a strong focus on geometric shapes, transformation and aesthetics. Her work is influenced by the geometry and simplicity of the Bauhaus. It adds emotion, surprise and humour – all sensations beyond the expected and predictable. Jule Waibel is a German designer based in London and Stuttgart. Her namesake brand was established in 2014 after she graduated from the Royal College of Art in Design Products. She now has her own studio in south London where she works on her own projects, collections and commissions. Her work is represented in the field of product, interior, fashion and textile design, installation and choreography. "I'm dreaming of an unfolded universe, a pleated planet. Everything should move, expand and contract - geometric playful shapes dancing around the moon" – interview with Swarovski.

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